By Deanna marie

Beyond Likes

After an hour of reading, you will be ready to surround yourself with the people in your life that matter and set you up to succeed. No more draining friendships and self doubt.

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Deanna Marie

Deanna Marie is a digital nomad entrepreneur, international insurance advisor, and bona fide chemist. She was born and raised in Southern California and was the sole daughter to a single mother. She has been reading her whole life, and has been passionate about books from an early age. She loved the escapism the books provided, and her favorite genre was fantasy.

Realizing that there was a giant big world to explore, she left for China immediately after university and spent the next decade traveling the world. She’s lived in Shanghai, Antigua Guatemala, San Juan del Sur Nicaragua, and plans to move to Europe very soon.



I really enjoyed it. I have had some very similar experiences in making and maintaining friendships. It is a helpful tool to anyone thinking of travelling/moving to another country etc.


I really like it! I enjoyed the exercises and found the tips really useful. It was quite short which is great but a bit more detail would really take it to the next level.


I was quite inspired by the content, cuz I never really thought about friendship this whole topic, I’ve always being laid back and go with flow about making new friends and maintain old friends, this book made to wonder, to think, to take it not for granted. I think it’s a good inspiration, no matter if your lifestyle fits in this way or not (personally I’m still wondering about it, because i never really thought about it this way). Maybe I’ll change or maybe I won’t, would you?


The concept is perfect I love personal stories and ideas


Fantastic advice that I already live by!


This book is actually a guide! It even takes you through some exercises that can really help you build deeper friendships.

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Are you done with being lonely? Sick of looking at your phone waiting for life to come get you? Is the FOMO just unbearable? Do you want more meaningful friendships? Are you a digital nomad or expat that is having trouble staying connected with friends and family?
Beyond likes is the book for you. A simple and quick read to help you get off your phone and back into consistent and nourishing relationships with friends and family. Starting with simple exercises to rebuild your friend groups, to mindsets for long term relationship strategies, behavioral cues, and the motivation to get back in the friendship game! Curious about how you should handle going home for the holidays? There’s a whole chapter to taking care of yourself during the stressful time of year.
After an hour of reading, you will be ready to surround yourself with the people in your life that matter and set you up to succeed. No more draining friendships and self doubt.

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