Lifestyle Tribe

Shortly after finishing the first version of Beyond Likes, my friend, mentor, and accountabilibuddy and I decided that we wanted to build a company. Over a week, we spent time thinking about what we were both passionate about. What did we want to share with the world?

Lifestyle Tribe is helping women create the lifestyle that they desire. Our goal is simple, give women simple tools and habits that can profoundly impact their lives. Technology may have brought us out of the dark ages, but the human need to be successful, grateful and connected hasn’t changed.

Why did Jo and I decide that this was our new passion? Because we both have had to overcome. Jo and I came from very similar low resource homes, then relocated to start a new life. We have both been through emotional hell and back, and then we both believe in the power of the SheEO. You can read all about us here:

We want to build a community of like-minded women that can support each other- much like Jo and I have over the last year. We want to create a support network for women to reach out to each other and support each other to make changes and overcome obstacles. We want to connect successful and helpful mentors and life coaches and put them in touch with women that need support.

We want to build an online change factory! Come to us in your time of need (or even before things get ugly) and we want to give you the tools to make the changes and get the life you desire. Being happy and grateful shouldn’t be so difficult! In today’s age, there is so much competition and bad information. Tabloids and FOMO. We want to make a safe learning space for women to learn the time and tested habits that make big differences in your life.

We want to teach women what they don’t know -they don’t know. How many times have you looked back and wondered- If I had known this 10 years ago, my life would be so different today.

Lifestyle Tribe has 4 life focus options: Physical, Personal, Social, and Financial. We even have a free quiz to help you understand how we can help you get to the place of your desires.

  • Physical- Overcome feeling tired and lethargic
  • Social- Build community and good tribes
  • Personal- get ready for your dream job and have a fulfilling path
  • Financial- Find your money mindset, meet your financial goals and live a life of freedom

Every woman has a different idea of success and gratefulness, and every woman is in a different part of her life. We are bringing the best habits and presenting them in the most efficient and result oriented way. Video and community.

Are you ready to join us?

Deanna Marie

Deanna Marie is a digital nomad entrepreneur, international insurance advisor, and bona fide chemist. She was born and raised in Southern California and was the sole daughter of a single mother. She has been reading her whole life and has been passionate about books from an early age. She loved the escapism the books provided, and her favorite genre was fantasy.